Sidhe Plants


This page documents a few of the plants and trees that grow in the lands of the Sidhe. It will be updated as needed.


Sapling of the World Tree

The Sidhe believe that Yg’dranar’s eldest sapling Yg’draile grew in Simyala and linked their spirit to the eternal world. As long as Yg’draile endured, their race was much longer lived, some even were immortal, as their fea would not tire. But when the Battle of the Clouds was lost, and Simyala razed, Yg’draile burned in black flames, and the fea of all Sidhe was weakened. Fae-Knight Lir of the Raven’s Perch fought his way back into the ruins of Simyala as it was still occupied by the Undead of the Endless Host and managed to rescue one silver nut of Yg’dranar, which was later planted in Altyr Darasmai to grow into Yg’dranar.

There are three Yg’dranar at this time, in Altyr Darasmai, the oldest and frailest of them, in Elderwood, the strongest, most powerful and in the Saramaganta Mountains, the youngest of the three.


The Old Man that never dies is known as the tree of strength among the Elcarain. It is rumored to be a sapling of the true tree of life. This tree begins as a small sapling and grows into a clean, white-skinned young tree with silvery leaves. As the tree ages, the bark darkens, and it loses its clean shape in favor of a more gnarled appearance. This tree does not die, even after being burned to a stump or devastated by a lightning strike. The tree will sprout new life within a remarkably short time. Many legends are told about the miraculous healing connected to these trees.

If correctly used, the sap and leaves of this tree can be used to greatly help the healing of severe wounds, especially if a Sidhe healer is at hand to guide the process.

Graysteel Oak

Graysteel Oak

This is a large tree, native only to Elderwood. It is distinguished by its evergreen foliage and its spreading tangle of limbs and branches. Once the bark is stripped, the wood of the tree is a dull gray color. It can be polished to a metal-like silvery sheen. It also holds a razor-sharp edge.

Many of the very traditional Sidhe prefer to carry bladed weapons made from the wood of the Graysteel. The wood is too hard to be used for bows although archers prize arrows with graysteel shafts.

The Witchlight Willow

This tree is also known as the Aelfyn Willow. It is a dark-barked, silvery-leaved weeping willow tree. The name of the tree comes from the shimmering sap that seeps onto the bark. The sheen of the sap makes it shimmer softly in the darkness. The sap of the Witchlight Willow is used by dwarven glassmakers to make silver glass lanterns.