Contrary to myths and legends, gryphons are not artificial chimeras but rather a species that evolved naturally on Gaia. Their full body resembles a lion’s in that it is four-pawed, powerful and agile, with strong claws. The front claws resemble those of an eagle, while the back ones are more paw-like. The gryphon’s head is feathered with a powerful beak, and they have mighty wings. A fully grown gryphon is larger than most horses and has a correspondingly huge wing-span.

There are several types; white gryphons, at home in the frosty colds of the North, the golden gryphon of the forests and mountains of Wildlandia and the grey gryphon of the Sea.

Gryphons are highly intelligent, but not sentient. It requires a very sensitive mind to bond with them, to gain their trust, and to be able to tame and train them. This is a skill that the Sidhe mastered thousands of years ago. The Sidhe consider the gryphons their friends and are very protective of them. They hate it when the Wyr compares them to their legendary multicorporeal beast.

Stories claim that there is a species of black Gryphons somewhere in Xia.