Aereth’s Flora & Fauna Overview

Gaia is home to many animals, insects, plants, and trees that would be encountered on Earth every day. In fact, anything found on Earth can be adapted for use in the realm of Aereth. Therefore, it is literally impossible to chronicle the existence of every beast, leaf, and blade of grass.

Flora & Fauna is a lexicon of information on the creatures and other living things that are unique to the realm of The Chronicles of Aereth. For example, horses are indigenous to the planet of Gaia, but the Dikaya is a type of horse found only in Cymeria, the lands of the Cymry and the Herák Horse was bred from them and have become the main mount for the Dwarrow of Tynár-Dazûr.

The flora and fauna section includes general documents that contain information on numerous plants and animals. As information on one particular species or breed is expanded, it will be moved to a standalone document. For the most part, if the plants or animals are found on earth, there are parallels on Aereth. These documents highlight the more unusual flora and fauna found in The Chronicles of Aereth.

If anyone needs a document for a specific bit plant or animal, contact Stormwolfe (game manager) to request it. Please provide your research (i.e., the text) and any images you want to be included. We will format it and add it to the Codex, but we will not create the entire document for you.