About Us

The Chronicles of Aereth is a swords and sorcery roleplay. Its creators were inspired by many different authors, movies, television series, and video games. We do not claim to be 100% original since we have borrowed elements from various genres and blended them together to create the realm of Aereth. Within the roleplay and lore, you will find dragons inspired by a love of the Anne McCaffrey Dragonriders of Pern, Dwarrow and Sidhe (elves and dwarves) with a decided J.R.R. Tolkien flavor, portals, gates, and witches that owes their existence to the Witch World books by Andre Norton. Last, but not least, you will likely stumble across myths and legends from Earth that live as reality on Aereth.

Our roleplay emphasizes storytelling and character development. We encourage everyone to join in the site-wide plots. However, if those are not your cup-of-tea, there are many opportunities to write character-driven plots which are smaller in scope yet no less important to the overall roleplay. All of our members are invited to join with us in creating plots even if they do not currently have an active character.

The Aereth Codex

The Aereth Codex is the repository of the RPG’s lore and information needed to create a well-rounded character and join the site. The actual stories are written at our forums powered by Simple Machines (SMF). Our sites are highly customized to make your roleplay writing experience as seamless and awesome as possible.

Only admin may edit the Codex at this time. However, we have forums set up for member contributions to the lore. We want to encourage everyone to participate in world building and making our sites an incredible place to create characters, the world they live in, and writing their stories.

Before you leap into researching a character…


Navigating the Codex

The easiest way to navigate the Codex is to click on Index in the main menu at the top of the page to go to the document listing. All of the RPG’s Lore is arranged by category and title. For convenience, the categories are also displayed in the sidebars.  You can click directly on a category in the sidebar. However, the category links display a limited number of pages. Using the Index is really the best way to find what you’re looking for.